There will be a lunch that can be purchased on the day of the event. We will also be offering pre-ordering for fighters in the field for a brown bag lunch delivery.


What is an unbirthday without tea? Happily, Clan Bluefeather is hosting high tea from 2-4.

Unbirthday Feast

Lord Charles Flemming and crew will be delighting us with some delectable wimsy.

CrseYe Olde NameModern NameIngredientsAllergy/dietary notesSource
1Cheshire CheeseCheshire Cat Cheesecow’s milk, salt, diary cultures, vegetable rennetmeat free, gluten freeThomas Muffet,Health’s Improvement,1580
1ManchetWhite Breadflour, water, salt, yeast, Newcastle brown aleveganMarkham, The English Hus-wife, 1615, p. 230
1ButterThe Best Buttercream, saltgluten free, meat freeMarkham,The EnglishHus-wife, 1615, p.182
2Cheese croquettesFlamingo Croquet…tesfresh cheese, flour, egg, oil, sugarmeat freeAnonymous Tuscan Cookery Book [86]
2Isicia de Scillis Vel de Cammaris AmplisFlamingo Croquet…tesoil, crab meat, pepper, fish sauce, garnished with white pepper and black saltpescetarian, gluten free, milk freeApicius 2.1.3Horace Sermonum II 4
2N/AHedgehog Meatballsbeef, onion, salt, pepper, ricemilk free, gluten freeBetty Crocker
2Mustard EggsGirls Eat Eggseggs, butter, vinegar, water, mustard seed, salt, xanthan gummilk free, gluten free, meat freeRumpolt
2PommedorryDoormouse Meatballsbeef, saffron, egg, black pepper, cubeb, grains of paradise, Guinea pepper, salt, currants, raisins, flour, saffron, cloves, carrotsmilk freeForme of Cury
2HattesMad Hatsflour, egg, pork, dates, currants, sugar, saffron, salt, wonton wrappersmilk freeWagstaff Miscellany,1460
2A Sallet of all Kinds of Hearbes and CucumbersMixed Saladmixed salad greens, dill, sage, chives, thyme, cucumber, quail eggs, cane sugar, olive oil, white wine vinegarmeat free, gluten freeDawson, The good huswifes Jewell, 1587
2N/AMore nothing*absolutely freeMad Hatter
3FungesMushroomsmushroms, leeks, carrot, onion, saffron, clove, pepper, saltveganForme of Cury
3Connyng in CirypDown the Rabbit Holerabbit, carrot, onion, wine, vinegar, sugar, cinnamon, cubeb, currants, gingergluten free, milk freeForme of Cury
3Faba in FrixorioFried Broad Beansfava beans, oil, onions, figs , sage, salts, pinach, parsley, mustard greens, turnip greensvegan, gluten freePlatina, De honesta voluptate et valetudine, 1465
3Pani├žaMillet Polentaproso millet, oil, saltvegan, gluten freeThe Prince of Transylvania’s Court Cookbook,16th c
4Apple TartsApple Tartsapples, white wine, sugar, cinnamon, saunders, rose water, flour, buttermeat freeMarkham, The English Hus-wife, 1615, p.108
4Spice CakesEat Me Unbirthday CakesFlour, salt, yeast, butter, eggs, half-and-half, saffron, anise, Ceylon cinnamon, cloves, rose water, sugar, currantsmeat free, may contain sulfitesMarkham, The English Hus-wife, 1615, p. 117